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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some facts and frequently asked question about Thomas and Johnny.

Has this cartoon appeared in any newspaper before?

Not yet. But I hope that it does make it to the prints someday.

Why is the Thomas and Johnny comic strip free while you ask donations for your other Artworks?

The comics version is free for everyone to enjoy at the moment. The other artworks that I'm asking donations for are the ones I drew and colored traditionally with pencil, ink, touch markers and color pencils. They are intended to be drawn that way so they can fit traditional hand-crafted artworks like cards and posters.

Who is your inspiration in your comic strips and Artworks?

Oh I have plenty in mind. I particularly like the art of the following people (not in particular order): Charles Schulz, Robert DeJesus, Bill Watterson, Lauren Beard and Cheryl Grant-Alger.

What if I donate $1, is it gonna be okay?

Yes. I'd be thankful. I accept donations in any amount.

Can I request a clearer digital version of the hand-drawn artwork?

Yes, but only if the client is willing to wait. It will take some time to re-draw the whole ink-drawn artwork to digital media like Adobe Photoshop for instance.

Can I request a black and white outline version of the artwork instead so I can color it myself?

Yes, but this is the same as requesting a digital version of the artwork. The hand-drawn will have to be drawn again in Adobe Photoshop. This will take some time and I hope the client has some patience to wait.

What does the author do other than drawing cartoon?

To be honest, drawing is just part of my hobbies. I am a desktop software developer by profession.


Terms Of Use (TOU)

The author of Thomas and Johnny, Glen Villar, reserves the rights to the artwork and comic strips.

All hand-drawn and hand-colored artworks sent to those who have given donations to the author are intended for any use like cards, web-banners or marketing artworks. However, the term "any" does not include porn-related subjects.

If you don't want to donate, you may still use the watermarked version of the artwork but the watermark must remain on the artwork and must not be removed.

Thank you very much for continued support. 

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